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READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING. Then scroll down for the form. (Please and Thank you.)

The Process?

  • We have our eye on a long list of acts that have come across our ears at some point, and we try to prioritize those that are touring through and/or based in the Tampa market. The podcast content is much more engaging and enjoyable when conducted in person. If we can’t connect with our guests, then it will be that much harder for our listeners to connect with them.

  • We also have our eyes on our inbox. We have a submission portal on our home page, and we go through all submissions in the order they are received.

  • We aren’t currently sending rejection notices unless otherwise provoked by really offensive lyrical content. We know what rejection feels like just as much as the next person, and we don’t want to be a proverbial “No.” We also aren’t in the business of “never.” Maybe we assess your music today and decide it isn’t a current fit, but in the future we might find the right spot for your work on the show. We encourage re-submissions if you want to stay on the radar.

  • If we think you will be a fit, then we’ll reach out via whatever method prescribed by you upon submission and begin the scheduling discussion.

Our Criteria:

  • Are you a songwriter?

  • Can you perform your own songs?

  • Is your music available for people to go find, specifically on iTunes and Spotify?

  • Do we think your music and/or lyrics are notable and a good fit for our audience? In short, do we like what you’re doing? Yes, that is subjective, but we are the ones curating our guests for listeners, and they trust us to bring them a quality-checked performer and conversationalist.

  • Has as anyone warned us about your attitude or manners? In other words, have you developed a reputation for being difficult to work with or a bit of an a-hole? If so, we’ll likely move you down on the consideration list… This can be avoided by just being polite and considerate to everyone!

If we don’t think you are a fit for the show that doesn’t mean we don’t like your stuff. It may mean that it’s not a good fit in the current landscape or balance of the other acts we have scheduled for the show. Rest assured we do give things a fair listen, and do our homework.

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