Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you guys create this podcast?

Song Divers was created with a few goals in mind:

  • To bring listeners engaging and entertaining content, performances, and conversations. In other words, we love discussing and listening to songwriters, so we want to bring you more of it. Curated by us, for you.

  • To serve and spotlight songwriters that aren’t exclusively (currently) chart topping recording artists. Yes, we have hosted, and will continue to host, very recognizable names and award winning artists on the show, but we try to book and schedule with an intentional focus on bringing you a healthy mix of independent artists–– the up-and-comers, the come-and-goners (that are still relevant), the road warriors, and the local legends from all over.

  • To showcase national acts that we love and want to support

  • To bring more ears to the music scene and songwriters based near our home here in the Tampa/ St. Petersburg/ Clearwater, Florida market.

  • To bring you unique discussions that resonate with you as a unique person, adventuring your way through the world, just like the rest of us.

Do you guys have a problem with Jason Isbell? You Don’t think he’s overrated, do you?

This question is obviously referencing our mention of Jason Isbell in our show’s intro, and we are happy to clarify.

Stef loves Jason Isbell. As do a lot of our guests… And most of the venerated industry awards associations. Ed is less enthralled. He appreciates Jason’s work, but isn’t spending any time listening like the devoted followers that so many of us have become. Isbell comes up so often in interviews that Ed has started wondering if there’s something wrong with him. Stef usually confirms that there is indeed something wrong with Ed, and both wonder if he is the only person in the world that doesn’t love Isbell’s stuff. It has turned into a running joke… At Ed’s expense.


The majority of our episodes are recorded at our cozy little studio in a historic bungalow in St. Petersburg, Florida. We do take the show on the road for special occasions, but we generally host guests in our home-base here in the Tampa market.

What is your process and criteria for sourcing and accepting musical guests?

First, let us say “thank you” to all of the artists that have submitted to be on the show since our launch–– and to all of the future submissions coming in everyday. We are humbled and blown away that so many of you enjoy our show, and value it as a platform worthy of your work.

Our process is straight forward:

  • We have our eye on a long list of acts that have come across our ears at some point, and we try to prioritize those that are touring through and/or based in the Tampa market. The podcast content is much more engaging and enjoyable when conducted in person. If we can’t connect with our guests, then it will be that much harder for our listeners to connect with them.

  • We also have our eyes on our inbox. We have a submission portal on our home page, and we go through all submissions in the order they are received.

  • We aren’t currently sending rejection notices unless otherwise provoked by really offensive lyrical content. We know what rejection feels like just as much as the next person, and we don’t want to be a proverbial “No.” We also aren’t in the business of “never.” Maybe we assess your music today and decide it isn’t a current fit, but in the future we might find the right spot for your work on the show. We encourage re-submissions if you want to stay on the radar.

  • If we think you will be a fit, then we’ll reach out via whatever method prescribed by you upon submission and begin the scheduling discussion.

Our Criteria for Reviewing Submissions:

  • Are you a songwriter?

  • Can you perform your own songs?

  • Is your music available for people to go find, specifically on iTunes and Spotify?

  • Do we think your music and/or lyrics are notable and a good fit for our audience? In short, do we like what you’re doing? Yes, that is subjective, but we are the ones curating our guests for listeners, and they trust us to bring them a quality-checked performer and conversationalist.

  • Has as anyone warned us about your attitude or manners? In other words, have you developed a reputation for being difficult to work with or a bit of an a-hole? If so, we’ll likely move you down on the consideration list… This can be avoided by just being polite and considerate to everyone!

If we don’t think you are a fit for the show that doesn’t mean we don’t like your stuff. It may mean that it’s not a good fit in the current landscape or balance of the other acts we have scheduled for the show. Rest assured we do give things a fair listen, and do our homework.

Does the size of my social following or number of SONG downloads weigh-in to your consideration of my submission?


We believe in the staying power of the song, and we know that all of our absolute favorites were all unheard at some point. If we listen to your stuff on Spotify or iTunes, and you have a lot of streams or reviews, we will likely notice that, but this is a platform for great songwriters, not celebrities. We want to market and grow our reach, and we hope you will share our content as a fan and hopeful guest, but we want to be a place that songwriters know their work is being absorbed and listened to, regardless of the size of your following.

Can I submit artists, not myself, to bring to your attention and that I would like to hear on your podcast?

Absolutely, but–– We ask that you do this on our social channels either as an Instagram direct message, post comment, or Facebook message to help us keep our artist submissions inbox a little organized.

I would like to syndicate your podcast on my radio station or channel. Are you guys interested?

We are happy to hear you out. We have agreements in place with a few outlets/platforms that we believe in, and are happy to take on more if it makes sense for everyone. Get in touch with us, and let’s have a conversation.

Are you guys currently taking on advertisers and sponsors? If so, what benefits are available to your partners?


We are currently activating several partnerships, both national and more regional brands, and are in talks with an assortment of brands that we think are a fit. Our criteria is simple: We work with brands that share our appreciation for something that is well-crafted (like the songs of our guests) and to which we can provide value through one or many of our channels.

Our partnerships include everything from a logo on our website and integration into the show photography (in which we take a lot of pride) to custom made in-show commercials, custom content, and even guest appearances from musically relevant brands.

Not a musical brand? That’s fine. We’re marketing professionals by day and we can work with you to make sure you’re a fit for our audience, reach, and demographics.

For more information, and samples of our advertorial work, check out our Partnership page.