Jeremy Douglass

Jeremy Douglass is a gifted instrumentalist, producer and composer that follows his own musical bliss into some fascinating projects.

Whether writing a piano concerto for American Stage Theatre company, writing songs on the spot with his musical improv group, or wowing audiences with his musical all-star group, the Florida Bjorkestra, Jeremy is pushing the norms in search of the bliss he gets from performing with truly great musicians.

Jeremy even had fun re-writing our theme song, re-writing it in various stylings after hearing just a single line of it. Running any tune through the musical style blender that is Jeremy Douglass’ brain always turns out a better version than the one that went in.

He’s curious, inventive, and always thirsty for shiny new musical ideas. One of the most intensely creative artists we’ve had on the show to-date, Jeremy is ultimately about erasing barriers—barriers between musical styles, between musicians, between performer and audience…any barriers that limit our conceptions about what music should be.

Any project that he lends his generous talents to is immediately elevated by Jeremy's Midas touch…and this episode was no different. We hope you enjoy our friend, Jeremy Douglass.

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