Dean Johanesen

Through the 90's and early 00's Dean Johanesen was a widely acknowledged staple of the songwriting community, and like many others at the time, producing work and fronting an indie/alternative-rock outfit–– His band, the Human Condition. Then, out of nowhere, and seemingly overnight, Dean transformed into one of the most respected and enduring “troubadorian” musicians you'll see today. A few of his most heart stringing compositions still make the set list, but Dean's solo record and shows are primarily comprised of a gypsy style folk music that has uniquely and rightfully become his calling card. We hope you enjoy this interview with another one of our favorite songwriters working today.

His record, A Time And A Place, is an interesting and really enjoyable listen, and with the amount of time Dean spends on the road, you might be lucky enough to catch him at a US venue near you. Check out his site: and follow him on all the social & streaming platforms you can.

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