Steve Connelly

Photograph by Stephen Vessenmeyer, originally for the Tampa Bay Times.

Steve Connelly was a spark that lit the fuse for a whole generation of musicians that would go on to be produced by Steve at Zen Recording studios, and all fantasize about being able to play even a single line of a Steve Connelly guitar lead.

Zen became a safe haven for songwriters of any caliber looking to lay down a record. From his psychedelic high school years and time on tour with Roger McGuinn, to the countless hours he’s spent bringing to life the musical works of so many others, Steve inspires. He instructs. He provides a platform for the songwriter to fully realize their compositions.

Whether you know him as well as so many artists do, or you are just hearing about Steve for the first time, we are so grateful to be able to bring you our conversation with him.

You can hear Steve's prolific body of work on countless records from the last several decades.

From his own work with the Headlights, to so many albums from all over the country, Steve's critical mass sits with musicians here near his home in the Tampa Bay area. 

Steve's produced records for past Song Divers’ guests like: Joshua Reilly, Rebekah Pulley, Dean Johanesen, Danny & Alex, Ronnie Elliott, and that list includes my own work with Mercy McCoy… And Ed's albums with The Ditchflowers, and Drive Thru Church… And so many more future guests to come.  

To join the roster, or to hear about the latest musical conspiracy theory Steve is investigating, book some time with him at Zen Recording Studios here in St.Pete by visiting Zen

You can also find Steve Connelly's solo record Every Monster, on iTunes.   

And, Steve, from all of us, Thanks.

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