Nate Currin

Nate would be pretty comfortable with us describing him in two words: Road Warrior.

But that wouldn't be enough to encompass the description a guy like him deserves.

The much-decorated songwriter is a big dude, but not intimidating. He should be––He's Tall and tattooed, regularly donning a western fedora and boots–– but his eyes are a giveaway. Our first look at Nate showed us the poise of a seasoned storyteller with an expression that radiated an empathetic kindness.

Nate's friendliness was outmatched only by his humility, which is especially refreshing when you consider the 5 International Music Awards and time spent at the top of the iTunes charts. From the honest reflections on his albums to the engaging stories from more than a decade on the road, we are grateful to Nate for saying yes to an interview and sharing so much with us. We hope you enjoy getting to know him better as much as we did.

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