Trevor Boone & James Anaya, Emerald City Guitars

Song Divers is, and will hopefully continue to be many things–– for us, and for you.

But it started with a feeling. Maybe you've had it: You encounter a work of art. A painting or a poem.. A song–– Or maybe it's a whole person–– And you are captivated. You are moved, and consumed by this feeling of thinking "people need to know about this!" Below the surface Song Divers started as my curated attempt at sharing, celebrating, and appreciating the special people and places that have moved us on our journeys as a musicians, as a listeners, and as people. These two guests, their music, and the shop they inhabit, are the epitome of what I am describing.

Trevor Boone may be the son of Jay Booner, Emerald City Guitar's founder, but he is his own man. The frontman of Seattle favorites, The Hollers, he is a talented and disarmingly friendly inividual. To say he is knows his stuff would be an understatement, and the dude can play. His friend, an fellow Emerald City Guitars team member, James Anaya, is his own musical force to be reckoned with. Songwriter and front man for his band James Anaya & The Current, James is warm and balanced, and he and Trevor together will leave you rolling. They are really smart and funny guys.

We got to record right in the historic shop (Emerald City Guitars has been around for almost 25 years) and we had an amazing time. We hope you enjoy a truly special show.

Song Divers